51 Modern Star Nail Designs Ideas

Modern Star Nail Designs Ideas 45 Modern Star Nail Designs Ideas 45

Women love to have beautiful finger nails and men love to see women with well manicured hands. However, there are certain brands of nail polish and nail products that are more beautiful and longer lasting than other products. Of course, they cost a little bit more, but the effects are certainly worth it not to mention much longer lasting.

The two best nail polish brands out there are OPI nail polish as well as Creative Nail. These brands are perfect for women who want creative nail designs for their elegant fingers because these are quality polishes. They don’t chip as often, go on smoother, and are perfect for creating creative designs.

Some of the most popular nail designs are French manicure, hearts, flowers, and multicolor nails. But, today women are becoming even more demanding and want lots of different nail designs that are original. For example, at Christmastime some women get blue painted nails with a moon, star, and Christmas tree hand painted on. Other women get a French manicure for their wedding with small pearls glued to the nail.

Then, there are other women who enjoy nails painted with creative designs for March Madness and their favorite basketball team! It seems outrageous, but creative nail designs are a wonderful way for women to show their originality and style.

Most nail salons use products like OPI Nail Polish and Creative Nail polish because they are long lasting and won’t chip. This is important for creative designs for elegant fingers because a chip could ruin the entire design whereas on a nail that is just painted one color it could be easily touched up. Fortunately, OPI Nail Polish and Creative Nail polish and products may be purchased at salons and online so you can create creative designs on your own or else touch up the designs you have professionally done. There is just something about having beautifully manicured fingernails that makes you want to keep them that way.