50 Creative Wedding Signs For Beach Weddings

Creative Wedding Signs For Beach Weddings 29 Creative Wedding Signs For Beach Weddings 29

Maybe it is because of the powerful combination of the elements of nature which makes the beach such a powerful location for a wedding. There is the wind and the sun and the waves with the sound of the surf and the sea gulls. So many things converge in the open.

Perhaps it is the vastness of the ocean which fascinates us. Maybe the hugeness of the ocean brings us down to reality and the fact that we are do dependent upon God’s creation and each other – maybe these are all factors which give us a special sense of awe during a wedding.

There seems to be a trend in weddings which move away from old traditions and formalities. And, beach weddings can be a clear statement of informality and new traditions.

I like to take the timeless meanings of marriage and wedding ceremonies, and put them into new forms. But, I try to not make the new forms so new that they are unintelligible to the guests.