52 Vintage Bridesmaid Hairstyles Inspirations Ideas

Vintage Bridesmaid Hairstyles Inspirations Ideas 52 Vintage Bridesmaid Hairstyles Inspirations Ideas 52

One of the most important days that women look forward to is their wedding. Once you say yes to his marriage proposal, you will be embroiled in the small and big details surrounding the planning of your wedding, so be prepared for it while also enjoying the process.

Let’s say that you have already taken cared of the big details like what your dress would be and which bridal hairstyle would be suited for you. The next thing that you need to plan is your bridal entourage. What will your bridesmaids wear? The good news is that there’s no need for you to look for exact dresses and hairstyles for all bridesmaids. Depending on their personalities and body type, you can simply have a basis design for the dress and have them make subtle changes with it.

For instance, if you choose a strapless dress with a length that’s above the knee – and one bridesmaid would not like to show off her legs, she can have the dress modified with a longer hemline. Another bridesmaid can opt to wear a matching bolero jacket or a piece of scarf-like fabric which she can wrap around her shoulders if she doesn’t want to show too much skin.

Depending on the cut of the dress that each bridesmaid has, you can now decide on the hairstyle. Just as it is when choosing the bridesmaid’s dresses, there’s no need for you to make your bridal entourage look like an army with all the same exact hairstyle. This is especially true if they have varying hair lengths. What’s important is to choose a hairstyle which matches the shape of their face and shows off the cut of their dress.

More than just having all-matching hairstyles, you can easily showcase the individuality of each bridesmaid by giving them free reign to choose a hairstyle that suits their personality – as long as they’re not the exact match of your bridal hairstyle.