42 Best Quince Decorations Ideas For Your Party

Best Quince Decorations Ideas For Your Party 04 Best Quince Decorations Ideas For Your Party 04

Wow! Time sure does go fast doesn’t it? You sure didn’t expect 15 or 16 years to go by as quickly as it has. Seems like you were just in the hospital, then bringing that adorable baby girl home to the nursery you set up so carefully. Then she began walking and talking and next thing you knew, you were taking her to preschool and then kindergarten. Pretty soon, she’ll be graduating from high school and heading off to college.

Well for now, she’s about to turn 15 or 16 and wants to celebrate this big moment in her life with a party. Imagine the memories she’ll have from this important time in her life. She’s no longer a child but heading full speed toward becoming a woman.

One popular Quince and Sweet Sixteen theme is the Cinderella fairytale theme. Your daughter has always been your little princess and creating the perfect fairytale party would be so much fun. Take your decorating cue from the movies you’ve seen with princesses. Cinderella wore a blue and white dress. Baby blue and white is an easy theme to recreate with bows, ribbons, birthday cake and more.

Blue is also one of the most popular colors for the Quince court. Party favors for a Cinderella themed event would be carriage candle favors or Cinderella’s slipper elegantly crafted from crystal. What guest wouldn’t love to receive one of these party favors?

Butterfly themed parties are also very popular and allow you to be creative in your colors. Is your favorite color orange? Imagine all your decorations in a brilliant orange with butterflies gracefully flowing overhead. Birthday cakes designed with butterflies that look like they’ve just touched down for a taste of the sweet icing. Butterfly party favors such as butterfly place card holders at each guest’s seat or butterfly key chains would provide your guests with a thank you memento they can use at home.