48 The Most Beautiful Bouquets Of Yellow Roses

The Most Beautiful Bouquets Of Yellow Roses 46 The Most Beautiful Bouquets Of Yellow Roses 46

Spring is a time of re-birth and nothing says that more than sunny yellow flowers. A bouquet of yellow blossoms is simply perfect for the season, and can work equally well for formal, modern, and casual weddings. These are some beautiful ideas for yellow spring wedding bouquets.

For a formal spring wedding, you simply cannot go wrong with lush yellow garden roses. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and cheerfulness, which is a great theme for a wedding ceremony. The garden roses would be gorgeous in a large round nosegay shape, perhaps with a few white peonies mixed in.

More natural floral arrangements are in style this year, so another lovely option is a loose bouquet of yellow roses with trailing ivy. Or use standard hybrid roses to create a striking composite bouquet, in which the petals are arranged to make the bouquet look like a single large flower. A ruff of green leaves will set off the yellow petals to perfection.

If you are more of a modern bride, a great choice for your yellow spring bouquets would be calla lilies. A chic presentation bouquet which is cradled along the bride’s arm would be fabulous with a sleek modern bridal gown and a birdcage veil. Round bouquets of mini calla lilies in yellow would be fantastic for the bridesmaids.

The sunny hue of the flowers would be a great contrast against charcoal gray chiffon dresses worn with minimalist bridesmaid jewelry. A neat cuff of ribbon is the ideal bouquet handle wrap for mini calla arrangements.