64 Vintage Wedding Inspirations Design Ideas

Vintage Wedding Inspirations Design Ideas 64 Vintage Wedding Inspirations Design Ideas 64

Vintage inspired weddings are really popular these days. Take your favorite time period, absorb its unique style and flair, and use it as the basis to plan a really spectacular wedding. These are some ways to use your vintage inspirations to create a wedding that will be unforgettable.

If there is one thing that instantly evokes a specific era, it is its clothing. The entire bridal party should definitely dress in wedding attire which is inspired by the theme era. Having a 1950s style celebration? A strapless gown with a full tulle skirt and pearl bridal jewelry will conjure up the perfect style.

It is not only the bridal style which should suit the vintage time period; the bridesmaids will look darling in pink strapless tea length gowns with classic pearl jewelry for the ’50s wedding. For a Roaring ’20s wedding, beaded chiffon dresses would be perfect, or choose a silky bias cut dress for a 1930s Old Hollywood affair.

It many not be as obvious as attire, but every time period definitely had its own signature flowers as well. If you love the romance of the Victorian era, pick your bouquet based on the Victorian language of flowers. The bride who loves the ’50s can carry orchids or roses, while sleek calla lilies will suit a 1930s glamor bride. Select time period appropriate vessels for the centerpieces to really cement the effect.