59 Best Spring Wedding Dress Trends And Ideas

Best Spring Wedding Dress Trends And Ideas 45 Best Spring Wedding Dress Trends And Ideas 45

Every bride wants to be beautiful on her wedding day. To many this translates into being fashionable and beautiful. If not, then many brides would still be walking down the aisles in balloon dresses with puff sleeves and sky-high teased hair.

Thus many brides look to magazines and the Internet to give them a sense of the types of wedding fashions that they like and get a sense of which fashionable elements they could incorporate in the hunt for their own special wedding dress.

Wedding season kicks into high gear beginning in April, which means that many Spring brides are currently on the search for the dress of their dreams before that time. Today’s brides have a myriad number of trends to choose from and those trends are shaping the brides of the future.

Sleeves are still a big hit well into 2015 and brides have the Royal Wedding of the Century to thank for that. When Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge married Prince William, she walked down the aisle in a long-sleeved white Alexander McQueen gown.

Their wedding was held in 2011 and it is still influencing brides who are weary of the strapless wedding dress or who require more modest dresses for religious ceremonies. Even Kim Kardashian ditched her usual sultry choices of dresses to marry Kanye West in a wedding gown with sleeves.

Many brides are thrilled that wedding dresses with sleeves have become a trend with lasting power, but the next step in bridal fashion has exploded on the scene. Some brides do not want full-length sleeves, but instead want to balance a little sexy with a bit of modesty. For those kinds of brides, the new off the shoulder look is for them.

The style evokes romance and lets women show off their delicate collarbones without putting everything on full display. This style was seen on all of the top runways this season and harkens back to a time when one may have bumped into Jane Austen in the country.

Much like the sleeved trend, color seems to be another bridal fashion with longevity. Stark white rarely flatters brides, so designers eased into the possibility of playing with color by introducing cream, then blush and champagne into their color palettes.

Now designers like Vera Wang boldly demonstrate black wedding gowns and gowns with black accents while others show green dresses on their runways. Interestingly, brides are snapping colored dresses and dresses with hints of color up, thus increasing the demand for wedding dresses of all colors.

Many young girls dream of being princesses when they grow up and their wedding day allows them to live out their dream. Thus, this year designers highlighted full tulle gowns on their runways. The gowns evoked images of fabulous princesses ready to marry their prince.

However, not all gowns were full and fabulous. Many designers took a more modernized concept of the princess bride and streamlined the tulle in order to give their dresses an ethereal feeling without the bulk.