55 Best Ideas For Simple Summer Wedding Dresses 2018

Best Ideas For Simple Summer Wedding Dresses 2018 12 Best Ideas For Simple Summer Wedding Dresses 2018 12

Planning a summer wedding? Having an outdoor wedding smothered in sunshine? Then you need the perfect wedding dress which can leave you looking cool, calm and fresh even on the hottest summer’s day.

The first step to finding the perfect dress is to get to know your body type. Some dresses can be flattering while others may just not suit you at all. Visit your local bridal shop and try on a medley of dresses, don’t be shy, the team don’t expect you to make a decision there and then. Try on the designs you never dreamed of wearing, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Once you have chosen a style of dress, you need to decide whether to go sleeveless or strapless. If you’re going to be outside on a warm summers day, then strapless may be the most elegant option, though remember to get a matching shawl to keep you warm as the weather cools later in the day. Remember you want to be comfortable and you’re going to be wearing the wedding dress for a number of hours before you set off into the sunset together, so be prepared to avoid shivering the last half of your special day away.

Fabric will be a big deciding factor when it comes to a summer wedding. Choosing chiffon wedding dresses could be the best decision, because this is a breathable material which will help keep you cool when the sun is beating down all around you. While you may love the look of the satin dress, be realistic and know what to expect in terms of the weather you will have on your day.

Of course remember that the weather can go anyway and having a summer wedding doesn’t guarantee a beautiful clear day, so be prepared for all weather types in terms of your shoes and something to throw over your shoulders should the weather turn on you on the last minute, you can always remove the shawl or jacket (whichever you have chosen), should the weather warm up as the day goes on.