46 Awesome Summer Workwear Outfit Ideas

Awesome Summer Workwear Outfit Ideas 42 Awesome Summer Workwear Outfit Ideas 42

As the weather warms up, many of the workwear items that kept your employees warm and dry during the winter months will not be suitable. They’ll require new workwear that helps them to do their job effectively in the warmer climate. Here are 10 such items that are worth considering.

T shirts are lightweight, making them extremely suitable for warm conditions. You may be keen for staff to look smart, but that shouldn’t be at the determent of their comfort. An uncomfortable employee is an unhappy one, and an unhappy one is unlikely to be productive. Plus, using T shirt printing, you can provide your employees with breathable, but branded workwear.

If you aren’t a fan of T shirt printing, why not consider polo shirts? They’re short sleeved, so are still ideal for summer and may be more in keeping with the culture of the business. Plus, they can be embroidered to include the branding and contact information, which could help increase awareness.

Although the evenings are lighter during the summer, high visibility clothing may still be important. Instead of heavy jackets, though, it may be more advisable to invest in high visibility vests that are lighter in weight and more breathable.

Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t stay out for long here in the UK and waterproof clothing will be important for keeping staff dry. However, your staff will be far more comfortable in lightweight waterproof jackets than those worn during the winter.