57 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles Ideas For Curly Hair

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles Ideas For Curly Hair 34 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles Ideas For Curly Hair 34

If you are a bride and have that bride curly hair look, you are either happy about it, or very frustrated. Maybe you wanted your hair to have a totally different look on your wedding day and not look so curly. Following are some tips on how to create a wonderful hairstyle regardless of your hair type.

First you should remember that you can only do so much with your hair. If it is naturally curly, you might be able to tease it a certain way or even straighten it. Keep in mind though, if you have never changed your hair drastically, would you really want your wedding day to be your first attempt at this?

It might be better to find a hairstylist that can tame your curly hair and make it look soft, gorgeous, and compliment your face and your wedding dress. If this is the case, you want to start looking for a good stylist months before your wedding. They might suggest you either cut your hair shorter, or let it grow a bit longer before being styled.

Those brides that have curly hair wish it were straight and those with straight hair wish they had the curls. We are all born with a particular hairstyle, so you should probably just learn to make the best of the hair that you have. Curly hair can be softened with the use of a good styling brush, being pulled into a ringlet effect with very tight curls. If your hair is a longer length, then it could be straightened to a certain degree. It really is best to experiment with several ideas way before the big day.

Other suggestions in combating bride curly hair is to add some hair accessories such as a hair comb with pearls or beads, a tiara, or even a flower popped behind the ear. If your curly hair doesn’t suit your dress, try wearing a veil for the day.