49 Inspiring Winter Outfits Ideas For Bridal Shower

Inspiring Winter Outfits Ideas For Bridal Shower 28 Inspiring Winter Outfits Ideas For Bridal Shower 28

When Mom and Grandma attended bridal showers in their younger days, you’d always see them getting all dressed up to go. That was back in the day when showers were always formal occasions, and guests would wear things like dresses, hats, gloves, and heels in order to look their best.

After all, that was what was in vogue. Now, however, anything can go for a bridal shower. Depending on the venue of the shower and the kind of shower it is, you can wear anything from jeans and shorts to dresses or even hula skirts. The only way to choose what to wear to a shower these days is by finding out the type of event it’s going to be so that you can dress accordingly.

Many bridal showers these days are centered on the theme of something that the bride and groom enjoy. For instance, if they’re avid golfers, their shower might be something like a round of mini-golf followed by a small get-together at the 19th hole. Obviously your shower outfit for that type of a party wouldn’t be the same as if it were an elegant tea at a fancy hotel.

If your invitation doesn’t tell you the type of shower it’s going to be or what the expected dress is, give the hostess a call early on to find out. That way you’ll have plenty of time to acquire suitable clothing. You could end up at a retro-60s bash wearing bell bottoms and tie dye or at a luau in a hula skirt. Anything goes for showers these days!

Most bridal showers today, however, will be casual dress, because that’s what people feel most comfortable wearing. Sipping lemonade around the pool and having a backyard barbecue definitely means shorts, jeans, and sandals. Anyone wearing a dress and heels to this type of a shower would feel out of place and uncomfortable.