37 Top Winter Work Outfits Ideas 2017

Top Winter Work Outfits Ideas 2017 26 Top Winter Work Outfits Ideas 2017 26

Wedding outfits present a unique conundrum for women today. Such a special occasion calls for a particularly special outfit, often taking months to plan and perfect. Whether you’re a guest, family member or part of the bridal party, you want to look your best, yet feel comfortable enough for a day of celebrating and an evening of dancing. Not many occasions take you from the church to the dance floor; wedding outfits thusly have many unique aspects to regard.

The possibility of seeing long lost friends and little seen family members mean the pressure to impress is considerable. Add to this the inevitable presence of an official photographer (in addition to overly snap-happy guests), and you’re challenged with the task of finding an outfit that will look good from every unexpected angle, as it is immortalised in the couples photo album.

Winter wedding outfits may seem trickier than their summer counterparts, but are a wonderful opportunity to explore romantic glamour. Leave the pastels and brights to the summer months; winter weddings are the perfect time to indulge in jewel tones and luscious fabrics. Swathe yourself in velvet and top off with fur-trimmed accessories, such as a shrug or bolero, to keep the chill out and the glam factor high.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – When planning wedding outfits, a holistic approach is best taken; the entire ensemble needs to be considered as a whole, without conflicting pieces vying for attention. Chic wedding outfits are made up of complimentary elements – hat, bag, shoes, jewellery – which harmonise with one another. Building upon the foundation of a great dress, carefully considered accessories will complete an ensemble, adding up to equal an impressive wedding outfit.