52 Classy Spring Maternity Baby Shower Outfits Ideas

Classy Spring Maternity Baby Shower Outfits Ideas 48 Classy Spring Maternity Baby Shower Outfits Ideas 48

One’s baby shower is an incredibly exciting event, as it brings all one’s loved ones together to celebrate the future birth of one’s child. It is a special and sentimental occasion, and for a time such as this finding the perfect outfit is a must. Several maternity designers have dresses that are perfect for one’s baby shower, and are also incredibly versatile so that they can be worn on many other occasions.

Since one is often already fairly far along in one’s pregnancy at the time of one’s baby shower, comfort is of the utmost importance. Finding a dress that is comfy while still being stylish and fashionable is a must, and with the variety available in maternity dresses one is sure to find the perfect one.

Olian Maternity is a designer whose maternity dresses are always on trend yet timeless, and whose designs flatter the pregnancy shape. For one’s baby shower, a gorgeous print exudes happiness and excitement and is very appropriate. The Off the Shoulder Maternity Dress from Olian is a beautiful option that features a bold retro floral print in hues of pink, red, and blue. The print is all tied together by a black background, as well as a flattering black band at the empire waist and neckline. The empire waist design allows the dress to flow nicely over one’s baby bump as well as accentuating the smallest part of one’s body.

Wear it with black flats and tights for a fall or winter baby shower, or with strappy flat sandals for warmer weather. Another beautiful dress from Olian is the Sugar Plum Maternity Dress. This dress shows off one’s pregnancy figure in a very flattering way. It features a pretty purple top, a wide grey band underneath the bust, and a black skirt that is just the right length. A wide scoop neck frames one’s face nicely, and it can easily be dressed up with gold or silver jewelry. While this dress works well for one’s baby shower, it can also be worn out at night or even to the office. The versatility of Olian Maternity makes their dresses a very worthwhile purchase.