46 Elegant Padded Jacket Winter Mens Ideas 2017 Style

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The word gilet comes from the Spanish word ‘gileco’, derived from the Turkish word ‘yelek’ which means ‘vest’. The gilet began life as a dress bodice that was shaped like a man’s jacket in the 19th century and they were normally fitted and intricately embroidered. Gilets have evolved over time to become known as a body warmer or sleeveless jacket for men and women, and worn as an extra layer of outerwear that is designed to retain warmth and keep out the cold.

Gilets are great for both men and women alike. The secret to a great men’s gilet is to find one with deliciously warm padded fabric which is filled with a luxurious blend of down and feathers. Another top feature to look out for is whether or not its made with a waterproof fabric and pockets that will keep you dry. Other practical detailing include things like internal pockets to keep your phone, keys and money safe whatever you’re up to!

If you’re more of a stylish than a practical man then consider an exclusive that represents British casual luxury at its best, something that would use the finest materials and feature impeccable detailing. You should not have to pick style over substance though, even the most fashionable gilets can be found boasting water resistant features including tough nylon fabric, multiple pockets and cosy padding to keep you snug as a bug.

There are many different styles of gilet for women too. If you’re looking for a classic gilet that will stand the test of time try a classic gilet, which is as warm as it is stylish. This would be a padded gilet, filled with duck down and feathers, zip pockets and princess seams that create a tailored, flattering fit. This type of women’s gilet can often be found in a fully reversible version, with different colours on each side, so you can change your look in the blink of an eye.